Rustatic - Rust Static server

When locally developing a static web site it can be quite useful to be able to run a small web server and be able to see the results.

Rustatic provides this service.


General public

Then run


or with more parameters run:

rustatic --indexfile index.html --nice --host --port 5000 --path /path/to/html

Every command line parameter has a default value

Rust users

cargo install rustatic
rustatic --help
rustatic --version
rustatic --path /path/to/html --host --port 5000


If you would like to help with the development of rustatic you can clone the repo and run the program without further installation:

git clone
cd rustatic

Then you can run the command like this:

cargo run -- --help
cargo run -- --version

cargo run -- --indexfile index.html --nice --host --port 5000 --path /path/to/html

Release and publish